Kirsty Kraakman

Kirsty Kraakman

Manufacturing & Development Manager

Kirsty has been with Synthase Biotech since early 2017 as a Protein Biotechnologist after having completed her Master of Science in enzyme characterisation and rate theory at the University of Waikato. Since 2019 Kirsty has been managing manufacturing and enzyme development for Synthase. Her expertise in enzymology and protein production drives the new molecule development and manufacturing operations at Synthase.

Kirsty works with the Manufacturing & Development team to optimise all facets of our recombinant fermentation and enzyme purification development. Synthase’s production suite is based in a PC2 laboratory where our current manufacturing facility is well established with plans and capability to upscale production and product lines.

Kirsty working closely with our Waikato University partner heads Synthase’s enzyme innovation pipeline, this pipeline includes new molecule initiatives, enzyme engineering, ancestral enzyme prospecting and fermentation and downstream technologies. Kirsty’s background in enzyme characterisation and strong sense of commercial manufacturing obstacles provides a unique and effective set of skills to deliver enzyme product solutions.