Steve Hodgkinson

Steve Hodgkinson

Chief Technology Officer


Dr Hodgkinson was initially a biomedical research scientist specialising in mammalian growth and has interests in bioactive products especially for application to human health and nutrition. He has a varied background in biomedical, animal and plant research and business development in the NZ science sector. Steve was employed by the New Zealand Government funded research organisation AgResearch for 15 years where he rose to be National Science Leader – Growth and Development. More recently he was Chief Operating Officer for the Centre of Research Excellence NRCGD (Gravida) and Global Operations Manager for an international research consortium – Epi Gen – which is focussed on epigenetic research and its commercialisation globally. Most recently he has led business and innovation at NZ’s leading biomedical research institute – the Liggins Institute.

He has also run a successful biotech ‘start up’ (Mille Biosciences) and spent time in Europe as a technical development specialist in diagnostic and therapeutic companies. Steve has specialist skills in protein chemistry, metabolism and experimental biology and interests in optimising human health outcomes through application of novel biopharmaceutical and nutritional strategies. He has over 180 scientific publications and patents and wide industry networks. Steve became a foundation shareholder, Director and CTO of Synthase Biotech at company formation early 2015. On his occasional days off he enjoys riding sport motorcycles and trout fishing.